Online Surveys for Cash!

Online Surveys for Cash!

Last Updated: September 17th, 2017 at 07.41am (Mountain Time)

Earning a full time wage from sitting at your computer is something many of us think of as a great life. No more commuting, annoying bosses, even more annoying co-workers who seem to enjoy bringing their lives to work. Can it really be done? The short answer is yes.

I currently work full time online to try and pay all my bills. It is not easy, requiring dedication and sometimes thinking outside the box. The internet is constantly evolving which means more and more chances to earn passive incomes. I would strongly suggest thinking of income as small regular amounts to start with that develop into larger and larger amounts over time. The real secret is finding work that is reasonably well paid and not too time consuming or boring. On the whole survey work is below the minimum wage however if it is part of a online strategy you can do it!

The following is just my own opinions, experiences and advice. Some or all of it may not work for you depending where you live but it is a good starting point.


Surveys are often the first place we automatically think of as a easy way to make money online. There are a huge number of survey companies in many different countries. Most pay badly or even try and get you to work for nothing. Spotting which are the good and bad companies is relatively easy though through a website called Survey Police. Like it sounds it is a sort of police databases of all the known survey companies with a basic review and then member comments below. There is a rating system which is mostly correct. It can also be adjusted to find country specific lists of available survey companies. The best thing about survey police is it is free and has an active community. In my opinion the worst thing about survey police is there is no real way to judge which sites pay the best as things often change quickly. Watch out for fake 5 star reviews.

The Survey Sites I Am Using Daily

Now you know how to check out a survey company the next thing is to understand how they work and the ways to actually make money. I will only talk about the legal ways to do this as that is my nature.


1. Better paying survey companies like Mintvine which I use daily is a better payer in general. The surveys usually pay from 20c to $2 each and the time varies form a few minutes to 30 minutes. It does take time to build up your rating so the more surveys you do with Mintvine the more survey offers arrive in you mailbox. The highest paying survey I have done for them is $50 which took about 2o minutes and included a brief phone call. On average I earn around $3-$12 per day. I have to start about 15 surveys a day to get accepted on 4-8. You do sometimes get freebies sent to you to try then do a short review. These often pay well. $5-20.

The Good: They pay via PayPal at a $10 minimum payout level. The customer services are responsive and a positive experience on the whole. Plus they often pay if you get rejected from a survey (2c-30c).

The Bad: They don’t pay for around three weeks for the surveys so you build up a balance before you have enough for a payout. Payouts usually take about 5 or 6 days. In the last two weeks the acceptance rate for me has dropped a little to around 3 to 5 from 15 attempted surveys each day.


2. Another survey site that is worth mentioning is PaidViewpoint which has top reviews status on surveypolice. My experience has been positive with payouts of around $15 every 4 to 6 weeks. The surveys are short (typically 10 questions) and come in every few days via email. The pay is from 10c to $1.50 per survey and sometimes there are more than one to do. The higher paying surveys are usually done quite quickly so you do need to follow their email link within a hour to be sure. I like the actual surveys too. They are not hard and honesty pays.

The Good: They pay via PayPal and have been responsive to support requests. The surveys are easy.

The Bad: The surveys are mostly 10c so the payouts are quite slow.


3. SpringboardAmerica is another site I use regularly for surveys. The quality of the surveys has dropped a little of late but I still generate $10-20 per month from about 15-20 surveys. Payment is via PayPal and usually very quick. If you contact me with your email I can get them to send a direct invitation. The only negatives are not being accepted to surveys which is happening more often now and not being credited for a completed survey every now and again.

The Good: The surveys are normally very straight forward and at a good price point.

The Bad: The minimum payout is $50 (PayPal) so it takes time to build up enough. Typically 3-4 month as there are only about 5 surveys a week.


4. Swagbucks is a good paying site if you use it right. Doing the daily tasks and a few $0.80-$2.00 surveys has about a 30% chance of completion and a credit. Doing the daily tasks will earn you a easy $1 per day with a bonus at the end of the month. I don’t dwell on this site for surveys because of the rejection rate. There are better ways to make money on this site, details of which I will include in a follow up blog.

The Good: I have recently noticed their surveys have been getting better with higher payers and less rejections. The survey lengths on the whole are reasonable. Payment is at a minimum $25 for PayPal. With survey taking and other earning methods like the daily task list. It is very possible to get a payout weekly.

The Bad: The actual survey panels are a mixed bag and one or two can be very frustrating with non payments or rejections on the final screen.


5. Earningstation is a interesting survey site that has a double up on their survey payouts some times. I have managed to earn nearly $7 for one survey so it is worth a visit. There are other ways to make money on this site too. They are pretty slow on the whole though they are worth mentioning. I am very new to this survey site so will give updates as I gain experience.

The Good: They have a 2x payout for surveys daily. I have managed to get a $6+ payout for one survey so worth visiting.

The Bad: The rejection rate is high. Maybe 80%.


6. Prizerebel does seem to have some higher paying surveys though I have not really given it too much attention as there are other ways to make money on this site. It is however worth considering as there are a number of different survey panels which could potentially generate a good income. I am very new to this survey site so will give updates as I gain experience.


7. Inboxdollars was another site I was originally skeptical about. Spam type emails and in your face offers put me off for quite a while. However I have now started to use their site more regularly. They are a bit quirky in that they have a high initial payout level $30 via PayPal and charge a admin fee of $3. They are the only survey site I know that does that!

The Good: They are actually fun… not just he surveys but the whole way the website is set up. It is a little bit like Swagbucks with multiple ways to earn. I have not yet got to a payout but the surveypolice reports seem ok on that front.

The Bad: You need to earn $33 to get $30. That sort of messes up my head when trying to work out how much I am getting for each survey.

8. Opinionoutpost is a good quality survey site. The quality of the surveys is on the whole very good. Payments are typically 40c-$3.60 per survey and they last for 5 minutes to 35 minutes. Surveys are sent by email about 2-5 times a day. It takes me about three weeks for a $10 (the minimum) PayPal payout.

The Good: They pay promptly and respond to emails. The surveys are often more enjoyable than other sites.

The Bad: I can sometimes struggle to get accepted for a survey. You really have to be honest and accept the rejections.



To sum up: If you treat survey’s like a business you can earn $200-400 per month for about 4-5 hours work a day. I know the income is low but when combined with other online incomes it does help reach your monthly target of a living wage. Actually taking surveys varies an awful lot. Some survey companies have surveys that are fun and even entertaining at times while others seem like taking blood from a stone. Watch out for surveys that don’t credit your work.

Personally I do a few free survey panels too. They are community based and it is nice to give back.

If you have any question about anything written above. I have tried out many other survey sites too. These are just my current favorites. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I am and have just giving my opinions and personal experiences. I will hopefully get a very small commission if you choose to click on a survey company link and sign up there and then. This has had no bearing in my views and opinions described above.

To find out more about the strategies for these survey sites please CLICK HERE to read my next blog.

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