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Ivan Golden and Joylyn Fernandez

Tuesday 10th October 2017

Hi, I thought it might be nice to write a little about myself and why I am writing this blog. My name is Ivan and I’m a 51 years old man from London, England. I moved to Tucson, Arizona 1 year ago with just a small suitcase and a few online business ideas.  11 months later I now make a full time income from doing surveys, website reviews, etc. Current income $600-$800 per month and growing.

The reason I am writing this guide is to share my knowledge and help you avoid wasting time. I have been trading since 1991, online since 1999, and still believe in the original concepts behind the internet. Namely the free sharing of information, community help and guidance. Until January of 2017 I had never done an online survey so it was a steep learning curve to start with. My income at the moment all comes from the internet through taking surveys, watching ads, small online tasks and website reviews. I use two laptops to give flexibility and do not own a smart phone. The main reason for that is the networks are so expensive compared to the rest of the world. I am not sure I can make a profit using one.

If your new to online surveys I can confirm it is quite mentally taxing to start with as everything is new. However as the months roll on it does get easier and easier. You might want to consider starting with one survey company at a time to give you confidence.

Are there any no no’s. Well obviously never give out your social security number or bank/debit or credit card details in a survey. If a individual survey asks you for any sensitive information it is worth avoiding and reporting to the main company. Good survey companies will never ask you for money. The ones that do are scams. Survey companies are looking for your honest opinions and views. They pay you not the other way around.

Getting paid for your opinion

This blog is following on from my last blog Online Surveys for Cash which you might want to read first as it outlined the 7 survey companies (bellow) that I use daily to make $200-$400 cash per month. This blog will hopefully show you the strategies that can increase your monthly income without having to work excessive hours. Again these are things I am currently do and they work for me. You may have to adjust some aspects depending on the type of frequency of surveys arriving in your in box. To the best of my knowledge all my strategies are legal and work within the rules/terms of the suggested survey companies. If you know differently, please let me know ASAP.

Multi screen survey taking

In my mind it is not all about making lots of money but rather making small amounts with as little effort as possible. I will now break down the strategies individually for each of the survey companies I currently use.




Mintvine has quite a few strategies for making money. My main one is to work out the hourly amount for a survey, e.g. 15 minutes for $1 = $4 per hour. Obviously you only qualify for a few surveys each day but they pay a small amount when you don’t so it seems your being paid to try which is nice.

It really is worth thinking about your profile before signing up. If you run a website or sell things online then think about your demographics. Once you sign up then keeping to your original description is very important or you will be penalized which reduces your possible income. MintVine is one of my main survey companies and usually pays me $12-$15 per week.

Other tactics that work… It is worth doing the daily survey as I have noticed more survey offers arrive by email afterwards. I think they like to know your active 🙂 Other ways to earn on MintVine will be covered in my next blog. I have recently found that more survey’s are rejecting than normal. Currently about 65% are rejected though you still get the bonus of $0.01-$0.30 most times. One thing that is worth noting is it does take time to build up to a regular $40-60 per month. The minimum payout is at $10 though surveys can take up to three weeks to clear the funds for your account. What that means is your earning 3 weeks in advance so when you build it up the money keeps rolling in for the extra three weeks even after you stop taking the surveys.



Swagbucks is a bit more complex for survey strategy. I think because the site is so popular the surveys get filled up quickly. This means there may be a number of people taking the same survey at the same time. Thus you need to fill out the survey quickly enough to not be dropped at the end but not too quickly to trigger the minimum survey length. I have noticed there are more, better paying surveys during the daytime. Out of office hours can be a struggle so worth avoiding.

Another important thing to watch out for is bad survey panels. Sometimes you start a survey and get a bad feeling… usually because your remembering a non paying completed survey. For this one fact I tend to only do one to five surveys a day. Why waste your time. There are additional strategies for Swagbucks that can make it one of the highest paying sites. I will explain those int he next blog.

  • I have just walked a friend through the signup and getting things running on Swagbucks. She earned $3.75 within 30 minutes and really enjoyed the whole process. When you register and confirm your email Swagbucks does seem to through a series of offers at you which can be confusing (especially as they are tempting). You do not have to take any of them straight away and I would suggest refusing them to start with and just going to the home page where there is a tutorial. There is an awful lot to explore and learn about so just take your time. Try starting with the ‘To Do List’ lower down the page in the left hand column. The tasks are very easy and you start earning straight away.
  • Daily Crave gives you a taste of how Ncrave works. Ncrave give you a chance to watch advertisers videos and get paid for doing so. We noticed that as a new customer some offers were not available straight away. They will come as you get to know the website. One things my friend loved was finding out about the vouchers, special local offers and playing games online for cash. Making up to $3 to play a RPG made her smile.

I do a lot of work with Swagbucks because it pays well. There will be frustrating times when the videos and Ncrave is down. This is only usually a few hours. Take your time on this site to explore. It does usually pay off.



PaidViewpoint are pretty straight forward to work with on the whole. All their surveys come by email.One every few days then two or even three in a day. The higher paying surveys are on a first come basis so you do need to respond withing 2 hours typically. Because the surveys are easy, quick (10 questions) and friendly I enjoy this site. Payments are $15 typically every 6 weeks. It does speed things up slightly if you log in once or twice a day as surveys can be there.



SpringboardAmerica is another site that sends surveys by email. Usual once every few days though sometimes they come in batches. The monthly mosaic is an unpaid survey (pretty easy to do) but I think it is important and has entry into a monthly draw. Overall I like the way the surveys are put together with just the odd boring one. The average survey is over $1 and completion success rates are high too. Payout at $50 means being patient but it is worth it. I have not found a way of getting more surveys or qualifying for more. Just do what comes your way.

I recently got my first $50 payout. The process was easy and smooth with the payment arriving in your PayPal account within in a few days.



Earningstation has a bonus 2x paying surveys once a day so it really can be rewarding to give it a try. I have had a few $3-6 surveys which keeps me coming back. Many of the surveys are low paying or from weak survey panels. The higher payers tend to be medical on the whole. I don’t give much time to the surveys as it can be hard to get accepted to anything paying more than $1.

I recently had my first $25 payout. Everything went very smoothly and the payment arrived in my PayPal account quickly. This sites surveys should be done about two day a week otherwise your just doing the same surveys.



Prizerebel does seem to have some higher paying surveys though I have not really given it too much attention as there are other ways to make money on this site. It is however worth considering as there are a number of different survey panels which could potentially generate a good income. I am very new to this survey site so will give updates as I gain experience.

I have recently had my first payout of $5 with this survey company. It took about 6 weeks to reach the payout level because the surveys/panels are pretty poor quality (low payouts and many rejections) on the whole. I earned more through watching videos but even that was slow.


Inboxdollars does have some higher paying surveys and I have managed to complete one or two. I recently did a 2 1/2 hours music survey for $50. However upon checking online reviews through google and double checking on survey police, it seems the survey panel (Not InboxDollars) is a bit hit or miss with accepting surveys and making payments. Not a nice feeling when you invest so much time. All I would suggest is consider double checking, if you think a survey payment seems higher than normal.

I recently had my first payout through InboxDollars. Reached the $30 minimum then requested a payout. They reduced the payout to $27 ($3 fee) and I choose the check option as there was no PayPal. It is expected to take approx. three weeks for the check to arrive and clear.  One important thing to point out is after the payout your account is credited $3 back and there was an option to do a feedback survey which paid a further $2. Thus you only need $25 more for the next payout of $27.

My personal view is this is a long winded way to earn money compared to Swagbucks but is still worth doing.



Opinionoutpost on the whole is a higher class survey site. The quality of the actual surveys is good and some are quite enjoyable. Also the acceptance rate for me is tends to be over 50%, I often give them priority over other companies. Surveys come via email and I have found that responding within a few hours is normally fine.

Surveys come in daily (3-6) and they are usually good quality. I get to the $10 PayPal payout level every 7-10 days. Sometimes quicker if I complete a $3.60 surveys.



The above survey sites are just the ones I am using as part of a full income strategy. You may well find some of them unsuitable at first glance however there can be various reasons (which I will explain) why I am using that survey company. In the next blog, link below,  I will discuss how I turn a survey income of $200-400 per month into a solid income of $600-$800.

One additional thing you might want to consider is having a different email address for your survey/online income. I find that it is good to work out who is sending too many survey emails while keeping your personal email spam free. I don’t get too many emails from the above companies however your experience might be different.

making money doing surveys


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