Portrait of Dick Wittington & His Cat. Original English Engraving. 1805.


Title: Wonderful Museum. Portraits of Sir Richard Wittington & his Cat from the original painting at Mercers Hall.

Artist: Unknown.
Engraver: Unknown.
Publisher: M. Allen, London.
Source: The New Wonderful Museum. Vol. 3.
Date: [1805].
Size: Approx. 4 3/4 x 8 inches.

Description: Original copper-plate engraved print of Dick Wittington and his cat. Sir Richard Whittington (c. 1354–1423) was an successful English merchant & politician. He is also the real-life inspiration for the English folk tale Dick Whittington and His Cat. Sir Richard Whittington was four times Lord Mayor of London, a member of parliament and a sheriff of London. In his lifetime he financed several Kings and a number of public projects. He is best known for financing a drainage systems for the poor in the East End of London and founding a hospital ward for unmarried mothers.

Condition: Very Good.
Some light foxing/browning.

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