Interior of a House in Eastern Tartary. Original Engraving. 1810.


Title: Interior of a House in Eastern Tartary.

Artist: Unknown.
Engraver: Unknown.
Publisher: Sherwood, Neely and Jones.
Source: A System of Modern Geography.
Date: December 1st 1810.
Size: approx. 10 1/8 x 8 inches.

Description: Antique copper-plate engraving of a family at home sitting around a open fire somewhere in South East Russian.

East Tartary as a old name for the Manchu-inhabited territory extending from the confluence of the River Amur with the River Ussuri to Sakhalin Island. This area is now the Primorsky Krai with Vladivostok as regional administrative center.

Condition: Good.
Some heavy foxing/browning. Right margin is tight. Some creases and a very small clsed tear to the left edge.

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