Hut of a Kalmuc of Eminence. Russia. Original Engraving. 1783.


Title: Hut of a Kalmuc of Eminence.

Artist: Unknown.
Engraver: Unknown.
Publisher: D. Henry and R. Cave at St. John’s Gate. London.
Source: The Gentleman’s Magazine.
Date: August, 1783.
Size: Approx. 8 1/4 x 5 inches.

Description: Antique copper-plate engraved print of a Russian Kalmuc hut and dignitary. The Kalmuc is another name for Russian nomads/Mongals. Two traditional musical instruments are shown either side of the hut. Sourced from the 1783 edition of the Gentleman’s Magazine.

Condition: Good +
Some page browning/foxing. Very small/minor closed tears to the top edge in the margin. Very small hole to the bottom margin.

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