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Updated February 19th, 2018

This is the third blog in the series (first one can be seen HERE) and even though I have started with surveys sites they lead on to the following techniques for raising your monthly income. There are several different aspects. Some require very little time or effort while others require direct input and can even be demanding at times. All the methods below are methods I am currently doing daily. If you have any questions then please leave a message below.




Sit back and earn while you sleep.

Yes! this is no joke. You can open your phone, tablet, laptop or PC and let it view ad’s for cash. It took a lot of research to find these sites and getting them to actually work consistently. The ad/video players don’t pay particularly well with one exception:

Swagbucks is really good once you get the hang of it. It is a website that takes time to learn all aspects. Please excuse me if this is quite a long description. there is a lot to share.

The best place to start is with watching auto Ncrave videos. You can watch them by Ncrave is actually part of Swagbucks so if you cheat and break their rules you will suffer for a loss of income. Keeping Ncrave videos runing 24/7 is almost impossible. There will be some down times and your IP may even get blocked at times through no fault of your own. People often complain about that online, it just takes patience to master. Even I get blocked out for 24 hours or more at times.

To start Ncrave videos off you should always start from the Watch page. If you do your daily tasks and start your crave there it will only run for about three cycles and also may block you accessing through the watch page afterwards (tested but not proven lol). Once you get to the watch page the NCRAVE videos should appear in the Sponsored Videos section. If none appear they are unlikely to appear by clicking the nCrave link on the left hand column (Watch Home). Try login out or better still watch a video. There are plenty of 5-8 minute ones there that pay 1 SWAGPOINT which is really 1 cent. When you come back later, refresh the page and the NCRAVE may be ready to use. You are looking to click on the auto Ncrave TV 50+ swag points. They will run and run without you having to do anything. I have run it for over 24 hours before but eventually you get dropped. That is when it is best to clear your cookies and stored images. I use the free service through CCleaner which does it very quickly, alternatively you could just clear your browsers cookies and history.

When you do eventually get dropped from Ncrave there is a way to start it up again. Doesn’t always work but is quite effective. As you opened two pages initially, when you close the stopped Ncrave page the TV 50+ swag points image may still be there. Don’t click it straight away or it may go away. Leave it for about 3 – 5 minutes then try it. Big smiles all round if it starts again. If however it doesn’t, look for any other auto Ncrave links. There are another 50+ link but it is not so easy to control. A pop up of the video comes up and takes up over half of your screen. Thus preventing secondary video watching or surfing.

Other things to watch out with Ncrave videos. If your try opening two with the same IP address you will get blocked. If you watch a normal video using the same ip you will only be credited for one and will get blocked.

To sum up… Swagbucks Ncrave is great once it is running. Earning around $1.50-$2.50 per day. It is the best paying 24/7 video watching service I am aware of. Combine it with survey taking and completing your daily task list (left column on the home page) plus other competitions, games and offers Swagbucks runs it is easy to earn over $100+ per month. I have been doing that now for over 6 months with no major problems.



Earningstation is a little bit more difficult to use productively. I tend to watch the videos as a back up when other services are not working so well. You get 2c quite quickly when you start but then they sort of cheat you with watching videos that don’t register. I have learned that when you gets down to the last video before the credit it is best to stop the auto surf and click on a different video. If that doesn’t work. Log out then log back in a few minutes later. The videos do stop working after about an hour though you can go back and watch latter that day. The videos on their own are not enough to earn a payout within a reasonable amount of time. To top up you have the 2x survey booster each day. If your lucky enough to complete a few higher paying survey’s each month your income jumps towards the $25 PayPal payout. The videos are not currently working for me so will update if they are working again or customer services reply.


Prizerebel have a video facility using Ncrave or similar. Since they are run by Swagbucks I only use this auto surf when Swagbucks is down. They are slightly different too. You need to click to be credited after each series of views. There is a non autosurf that is thrown in the mix so it is not a smooth ride. Good as a backup though. It is possible to run both NCRAVE’s on the same IP however as they are owned and run by Swagbucks it should only be a short turn thing. Your not breaking Swagbucks rules but I could see how they might notice and give you a hard time. I find it very slow to earn the $5 PayPal payout on this site.


Inboxdollars has a tv viewer with a scratch payout plus a videos section. I have not yet managed to find a way to watch the videos where they credit regularly. A work in progress. The TV viewer has recently been updated and has been running for about a week now. To get the higher amounts for watching videos it is best to watch two or three times a day for no more than 45 minutes. Otherwise Inboxdollars block you “You have watched all the videos” until around midnight. Payments are usually 20-40c a day but can be higher with a $100 jackpot. There is a “search” link which I normally do 8-12 searches daily and that pay around 6-10c. There are several other ways to make small amounts of money on this site for example clicking on paid emails, Learn & Earn daily mini survey, sweeps, etc. Rewards are low though. This is actually quite a fun site and is worth playing around with for about 30 minutes a day. Payouts via Paypal are $30 though they take 10% off from that so you get $27. I have not yet earned a payout though after two weeks I have just over $25 there. I will update after the payout.


Ways to increase your income even more!

I have a love hate relationship with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk: When the work is there the money is good. Especially from academic surveys which can pay up to $5 each. Sadly to qualify for them takes time though as you need to do and be credited 1,000 mini tasks first. It took me about 2 1/2 weeks to get to the 1,000 with a 98% customer satisfaction. Would I advise going through this process. 60/40 It is a pain but on quiet days you have somewhere to go to earn extra cash. There is no limit so you can transfer the money to your bank account at any time. It usually takes 3 days to clear to the correct Amazon account then about 1-2 days to get into your bank account. It is possible to make a full time living from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk by using add on programs to streamline the process. However it is mega boring work in my opinion.

Other income opportunities that do work: Website review sites like User Testing and IntelliZoom do work and I still do reviews for them. They pay $10 for a 15-20 minute website or web app review. The work is hard to get though so even if you monitor 24/7 your lucky to get $100 per month. Both reviews can be done from your smartphone, tablet, laptop of PC. I have tested a few other website testing companies but there is hardly any work or they pay you peanuts.

I am always looking at new revenue sources and new things do crop up. Recently I have been earning a little from surfing for cash and traffic for my blog. My personal favorite is EasyHits4U You slowly get cash but can get 1:1 traffic. Namely you view a page and they send someone to your page, blog or website. I have found just spending 40 to 60 minutes a day is enough if your strategy is good. I have 8 to 10 surfing for traffic websites and do them all at the same time. Leave a comment below if you would like more information on which sites I use.